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NatureInterface No.1

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.1 -- 2,000 yen(+tax)

008Wildlife Gallery: Hokkaido Dog -- Mitsuaki Iwagou
011Passifloraceae: The Western Part of Madagascar -- Tomoya Akihama
014The "Global Environmental Problem" and the Creation of "Science for People" -- Hiroyuki Yoshikawa
016Future Technology for Natureinterface -- Rafael Reif
019The World of Natureinterface -- Kiyoshi Itao
024A Trip to a Natural Heritage of Japan: The "Satoyama", Chiba Kamogawa Rice Terraces -- Editorial Staff
028Environment and Residence: The Greenhouse Effect in Glazed Buildings -- KyoFuyusawa
032Essay: Eaves & Pent Roofs -- An Fuyusawa
038Satellite Imagery -- Editorial Staff
040A Report on Global-warming
044Eastern and Western Civilizations, and Symbiosis with Nature -- Wanglin Yan
048A Bridge between Humans and Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
052Digital Picture Contents for the Classification of Diverse Plants and Insects in the 21st Century
054Masticatory Strength Affects Your Locomotion Capacity -- Shigeru Saito
058Talk on the Brain: A man's Brain and a Woman's Brain
060Light is One of the Keys to a Good Night Sleep
066ITS is Commercialized: ETC -- Editorial Staff
070Development of Fuel Cells and Prospects for Bringing about a "Distributed Energy Society" -- Manabu Akaike
075Polished 20 Microns Silicon Wafers that Bend and Transmit Light -- Denso Corporation
077The Latest Wearable Computers
033One Day with Chrono-Bit -- Seiko Epson Corporation
064Human Wear -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
082A Portable Plant of W60cm x D65cm x H75cm -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
086The Doctor of Crops: Plant Clinic Center Aims Toward Circulative Agriculture -- Editorial Staff
090Guidance for Environmental Planners
094From the Thought of Woods and Water -- Consideration on the Situation and Subject of the Natureinterface -- Katsuya Fukuoka
101Earth Environment Information: Looking through the Eyes of WorldWatch: 1.2 Billion People in Starvation and 1.2 Billions of Obese People
102WIN's Goals and Objectives
106Enterprises and Organizations: NPO "Shu"
107Art: The Exciting World of China Painting -- Tsuneko Yamauchi
108Reader's Essay: Learning to Harmonize Freedom with Nature -- ikue Omine
109Reader's Cooking: Mousse de Poivron Rouge -- Kazuko Takeuchi
110NI Book Review
115NI Information
122Natureinterface Seasonal Words: Prunus Jamasakura
124Next Issue -- Editors
126The Credits -- Editors
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