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Digital Picture Contents for the Classification of Diverse Plants and Insects in the 21st Century

Digital picture contents for the classification of diverse plants and insects in the 21st century

Proposal for academic and educational usage of a 500,000-species database.

In the late 20th century, humanity destroyed natural environments for the sake of expanding agriculture to feed the exploding population or to supply the material goods of civilization.

It is estimated that 1,200,000 species are known on the earth. As increasing numbers of species are being lost to extinction, biologists should record all species as soon as possible.

Conventional specimens have been made by desiccating the samples. Therefore, it has been difficult to preserve them forever. But now is the era of information technology. So, we tried to efficiently classify species by magnifying digitized pictures.

We concretely introduce various species of plants and insects to you from the next issue.


Co-researching institutes

The Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University; The Research Institute of Evolutionary Biology; The Faculty of Pharmacy, Kitazato University; The Faculty of Agriculture, Saga University.


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