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Talk on the Brain: A man's Brain and a Woman's Brain

Talk of the brain that you understand

A man's brain, a woman's brain.

From the reticular formation to the neuron theory. Or cerebrum physiology and nerve physiology were born, and molecular biology was born about the middle of the 20th century. Furthermore, neurology study and a genome project ....

We can see from the media in the last several years that cerebral research has been advancing at the rate of rapid progress.

With the "Nature interface", we will send in series the familiar topics about the human brain based on the current research results.

The 1st series is about a man's brain and a woman's brain.

Once, it was thought that semen was produced in a man's brain. This is also explained in Leonardo da Vinci's famous anatomical chart where the course between the brain and a spine further stretches toward a penis, and opens in front of a female vagina. It seems that this view was believed for a long time, as da Vinci's example symbolizes the view of the men-women relations of the time.

A man's brain, and a woman's brain on space cognition.

Needless to say, such talk is one of the old tales now.

But I would like to consider a little more about the differences between a man's brain and a woman's brain.

The differences in the function of man's brain and a woman's brain have come to be understood by scan.

I will explain especially remarkable differences among them.

In the first place, when considering the differences between a man's brain and a woman's brain, there is a problem of one function of the right hemisphere " Space cognition ".

Taking from daily life examples, a male can understand the three-dimensional structure of the house only by seeing a plan, but for a female it gives only a superficial image: when forming a plan in a company, a male organizes the planning using visually structure such as a flow chart, whereas a female develops the plan focusing on her appeals.

In terms of cerebral differences, this can be explained by the fact that the portion that performs space cognition does not show clearly in a woman's right hemisphere, while four or more portions show in a man's right hemisphere.

The brain of a man and a woman, on linguistic abilities

Now move on to the linguistic abilities. The difference is most remarkable hare and there are probably many people who experienced the following examples in a daily life.

­Ħ Quarrels between a husband and a wife is always won by the wife.

­˘ Male conversations are straight and their conclusions are intelligible.

On the other hand, female conversations can make sense including useless talk.

­£ If frustration and stress accumulate, a male often becomes silent, while a female talks far more than usual.

­¤ An argument of a female tends to become emotional, although an argument of a male is structural.

As we can see from above, the differences in conversation, argument, how to speak and how to hear are rather clear, however, how are they related to the brain?

The right and the left hemisphere are connected by an organ called corpus callosum, and it is much thicker for the female, and more active for the female due to the work of female hormone.

Therefore, talking much and talking smoothly are female features.

Moreover, a female is capable of doing a few things at the same time; for example, cooking and talking on the cellular phone, or a conversation with more than one person about different topics like housewives' gossips. They are said to be based on the merit on this right and left hemisphere connection.

The scan of the female brain shows that both left and right hemisphere are working actively while talking is carried out, only the left hemisphere is mainly committing in a man's brain. Therefore, it can be assumed that men learned the way to communicate without relying on the language as much.

Relevant to this issue of connection between the right and left hemisphere, it can be considered that a female talks and acts in using the whole brain, whereas a man's brain has specialized features for each function thus only capable of one thing at once.

Moreover, the reason why women tends to become emotional is because the functions which control the emotion are concentrated in the right hemisphere, and at the same time related to other functions. This is greatly different from a man's brain which has functional specialization for every field.

I have looked at the differences between a man's brain and a woman's brain this time. From the next number, I will discuss the mechanism of aging of the brain, the relation between the heart and the brain, and memory and a brain among others.

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