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NatureInterface No.2

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.2 -- 2,000 yen(+tax)

006Can the Human Civilization and the Global Environment Coexist ? -- Hiroyuki Ishi + Kiyoshi Itao
010NI Topics: 1) Tracking the Movement of Crows Using PHS - What City Crows Tell Us. -- Hiroyoshi Higuchi
016NI Topics: 2) Monitoring System for Illegal Waste - GPS Earth Measurement System -- NTT Data Corporation
020NI Topics: 3) Human - Nature Interface -- Physiology in the Field -- Yoshiharu Yamamoto
024The Forefront of the Nature Interface System Research: Toward Hybrid Science and Technology Viewing All the Continuous Relations in Ecological Systems -- Kiyoshi Itao
029Special Feature: Our Dear Water
030Towards a Beautiful, Safe, and Lively Seashore -- Masahiko Isobe
038Ecological Research on Whales with Sensors -- Tomonao Hayashi
042*** -- Tomoya Akimichi
046A Proposal on the Whaling Controversy and Marine Resources Issues -- Hiroyuki Matsuda
049Imo Guruma (Potato-washing Water Wheels)
050Riparian Life in Asia -- Tomoya Akihama
053A Lake, which Freely Expands and Contracts: Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia -- Kyo Fuyusawa
054Beautiful Rice Terraces in Bali, a Resort Island -- Kyo Fuyusawa
056Electricity Crisis in California and the Global Environmental Problems -- Yukio Kubo
060Visiting Laboratories -- Seiko Epson Corporation
070Environment and Housing 2) Rain and City -- Kyo Fuyusawa
072Satoyama: Revival of Its Delicate Ecosystem through Human/Nature Connection - The Mechanism of "Natural Environment" Regeneration in HELLO WOODS -- Hello Woods
076Scanning Prove Microscope: The Engine of the Further Innovation of "Nanotechnology" -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
080The Doctor of Crops: Korean IT Agriculture Threatens Japan - Plant Clinic Center -- PC Center
084IT Trends in Hong Kong -- NI Report Group
086Advanced Technology about Grooves with the Width of 1 Micrometer and the Depth of 50 Micrometers -- Denso Corporation
087*** -- Nagai Honke Co. Ltd.
088Latest Wearable Computers
089NI Club
104WIN Newsletter
108A Message from The Foundation for Earth Environment -- Hiroko Aoyama
112Guidance for Environmental Planners
114Extention College of Hosei University
116Report on the Launch Party for Nature Interface: The Eco Solution Magazine
124"EcoDrive", Environmentally-friendly Watch Making -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
126Next Issue -- Editors
127Index - The Credits -- Editors
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