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............2:00 a.m., April 2nd, 1980, My son was born

You failed to be a "Poisson d'Avril"

because you arrived two hours late.

You are an ordinary fish.

Yes, it's all right.

The childbirth chamber was

at the bottom of azure water.

Mother fishes struggling have gone away.

I am in stillness.

When I was in that tearing pain,

a segmenting bacteria

was drifting away

in the ocean of my consciousness.

Even after division,

the two look completely the same.

Which will die first?

Not a human,

nor a fish,

I desired to be a protozoan -

without pain,

without recognition as a mother,

splitting into two again and again.

In the sea surrounded by the amnion,

you have accomplished easily and perfectly

the evolution from cell to homo-sapien.

Did you know what to be

at the first moment of oval division?

It is morning soon.

The chamber will float and

the time is coming when I must revert to human.

As for you,

the time will come when you must become a man.

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