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Extention College of Hosei University

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The Environmental Planner

The idea of a recycle-oriented society is spreading. Its central theme is environmental issues, but how should a recycle-oriented society function as a social system? How should businesses operate within a recycle-oriented society? How should they treat the environment? We will discuss how a 21st century-styled enterprise should operate within a recycle-oriented society.

Environmental Planner System

How a business enterprise works on environmental issues has become an important factor in the evaluation of that enterprise. Companies can no longer neglect environmental issues in the way they manage their business.

Although this is the age of deregulation, regulations for environmental conservation have become much stricter in Japan, and companies need to understand and deal with these regulations. Companies need to build an organization to promote environmental management, and to develop manpower for their sustainable development under severe limitations in the business world. This is the best way to ensure the accountability of whatever enterprises the company undertakes.

Our environmental planner curriculum aims at developing the manpower to promote environmental management at organizations. Our curriculum has been designed for company consultants, certified public accountants, certified public tax accountants, financial planners, and others who are engaged in giving management advice. The curriculum is designed not only for extending businesses by helping them acquire practical knowledge on the environment, but also for promoting more effective environmental management.

The Environmental Planner Training Course and Its Curriculum

Technofer is an organization for training environmental planners, and is authorized by the Nonprofit Organization of Environmental Research Institute, "Arena,"which governs the system for certifying environmental planners. The training curriculum is outlined below.

The curriculum for Technofer's environmental planner training course is based on the company's solid accomplishments as an ISO 14001 certification body. There will be more compulsory subjects as the environmental planner certification system develops.

There will be a new ISO 14001 certification body, the "Chuo Sustainability Research Institute Co., Ltd.," from the ChuoAoyama Audit Corp. Group, which is a member of Pricewater House Coopers. Its training course and curriculum will be announced soon.

Contents of the Correspondence Education Course

Recycle-oriented society compendium

Environmental issues and waste and recycling problems; recycling studies; dismantling, collection, division and distribution; reverse manufacturing and DfE (Design for Environment); container and package studies.

Laws related to waste recycling

Basic laws for establishing a recycle-based society.

Support technique

Life cycle assessment (LCA); environmental performance evaluation; environmental accounting; green purchase; environmental labelling.

Course Contents:

1. Environmental management of an organization

*Case studies -- Business routine of environmental risk management

2. Response to environment-related laws

*Case studies -- Identification and response to matters required by law

3. Environmental accounting and environmental reports

*Case studies -- Business routine of environmental accounting / Making environmental reports

An-hour written examination will be done at the end of the course.

The course is held for three days, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Duties of an Environmental Planner

Each certification body for environmental planners has its own training course and curriculum. Environmental planners are to perform these duties as follows:

1. Performance of environmental due diligence.

Environmental due diligence requires a detailed investigation of the financial affairs, tax matters, and personnel affairs of the business enterprise in question.

Due diligence is often done when mergers and the acquisition of companies occur, and when matters related to the environment are regarded as important. Trained planners who can work on environmentally- related matters are then needed.

In these circumstances, trained planners evaluate the environmental management system and environmental performance of the companies in question. The assessment is thought to affect the value of the enterprise, and will be an important factor in purchasing contracts of insurance against loss or in obtaining financing from banking institutions.

2. Introduction of environmental accounting, and help in making environmental reports

"Green investment" and "green consumer" are often discussed these days. Making an investment in earth-friendly companies is called making a green investment. Those who buy earth-friendly products are called green consumers. To attract such investors or consumers, companies need to write and present a clear environmental report, as an important communication tool between the companies and people concerned. In the near future, it will be necessary for companies to submit environmental reports to clients, the government, and local public bodies, and companies will need people to create and present these reports.

Clarifying environmental costs and their effects, and explaining them to the people concerned, are necessary for good environmental management and for an appropriate management of the enterprise. Environmental management consultants are in great demand.

3. Environmental education

Environmental planners are needed to act as environmental education consultants in companies, to give extension lectures at universities, and to give lectures on environmental planning for departments of environmental studies at universities and graduate schools.

Steering Committee on Environmental Planners

A meeting of the steering committee on environmental planners was held on March 26, 2001 at the University of Tokyo. Two new people were installed as committee members.

Steering committee members:


Kiyoshi Itao

Chief commissioner of the nonprofit organization "The Promotional Advancement Institute of Wearable Environmental Information Networks" (award chairman)

Professor of the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Tokyo


Kenzo Fujisue

Commissioner of the NPO "The Promotional Advancement Institute of Wearable Environmental Information Networks" (award commission member)

Associate professor at the University of Tokyo

Shiro Yoshida

Corporate Officer of NP Press

Jiro Uchida

Corporate Officer of Techno-Research Institute

Noboru Yumoto

Corporate Officer of YN International

Katsuhiko Otaki

Corporate Officer of Proact International

Masahito Iso

Corporate Officer of Hantec Securities & Futures Ltd.

Mizue Unno

Corporate Officer of So-Tech Japan, Inc.

Katsuya Fukuoka

Executive President of Foundation for Earth Environment

Toshie Inoue

Chief of the Environmental Audit Division of Pricewater House Coopers

Certified public accountant

Overall management:

Yasuho Ema

Administrative director of the NPO of Environmental Research Institute "Arena"

Certified public tax accountant

Yoshihito Hirabayashi

Executive Director of Technofer

Head judge of the ISO14001

Basic Lecture of the Environmental Planner at Hosei University Extension College

Hosei University, one of the most well-known universities in Tokyo, has an extensive course on environmental planning. This course is authorized as an environmental planner training course by the NPO Environmental Institute "Arena." This course is for people in charge of environmental management at companies, as well as for those who are interested in environmental management, and those who are working with accounting issues.

When a company works on environmental issues, they need to not only acquire ISO 14001 certification, but to also work on recycling, environmental accounting to clarify costs and results, and environmental reports for disclosure of information. Society needs to develop the manpower for effective environmental management.

The environmental planner is a certification that "Arena," the NPO Environmental Institute, audits and registers. When a person is registered as an environmental planner, it means he/she has enough knowledge to do environmental managing for companies.

This course is a basic one offering students both theory and the study of how theory is applied to businesses, using case studies from the business world. and the students sometimes will have actual practical experience as environmental planners. To obtain certification as an environmental planner, it will be necessary to take the application lecture course after taking the basic lecture course for environmental planning, and to then pass the examination. This course is crucial not only for people in charge of environmental management in companies, but also those in charge of a business' financial affairs or accounting.

About Chuo Sustainability Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Services offered:

Services related to transaction of the emission amount of greenhouse gases.

Training and publishing related to environmental issues

Review and guidance of environmental reports.

Support for building the concept of environmental accounting into businesses, and for introducing information systems

Support for building LCA (Life Cycle Assessments) (in cooperation with PwC-Ecobilan Japan, Inc.)

Support for acquiring ISO 14001 and ISO 9000s certifications.

Environmental due diligence

Various investigations and proposals for improvement related to the environment

Company Profile

Business objective:

To create a new business field by merging the social issue of the development of disclosure of environmental information, and the supporting business of environmental management in organizations. Our goal is to bring this new field to market.


June, 1999


10 million yen (83 thousand U.S. dollars) (100% invested by ChuoAoyama Audit Corp.)

Business bases

Head office: Tokyo

Other offices: Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka

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