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NatureInterface No.3

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.3 -- 1,200 yen(+tax)

005Column: The Transdisciplinary Approach and NPO Activities Envisioned at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences -- Toward Good Relations between Nature and Information Technology -- Kamon Nitagai
006Series: Aura is Out for a Walk -- Gozo Yoshimasu
008Opening Interview: Toward Good Relations between Nature and Information Technology -- Takemochi Ishii + Kiyoshi Itao
015Special Feature: New Ethics
016Fieldwork of Clinical Philosophy -- Kiyokazu Wasida
024New Kafka -- Osamu Ikeuchi
028Beyond Space: Meeting with Sokulof -- Hiroko Kojima
032Toward a New Natural History: Analysis of the Flight Characteristics of Living Creatures from the Viewpoint of Physics -- Akira Azuma
036Natureinterface Frontier -- Kiyoshi Itao
042Special Project: Future of Wearable Computers
042Wearable is Comfortable: Wearable Computers & Fashion Show
044Toward Realization of Both Fashion and Informational Functions -- Izumi Hayashi
045Engineers Pursuing the Ultimate in the Evolution of Wristwatch Technology -- Seiko Instrumrnts Inc.
050Topics: Analysis of Human Bodies Using Information Technology -- School of Engineering, Program for Biological and Information Systems, The University of Tokyo,
052Autonomous Robots with Lots of Unique Ideas -- Ken Sasaki
054International Cooperation toward Regeneration of Forests and People's Lives -- Seiko Epson Corporation
056Semiconductor Operations Division of Seiko Epson Corp. Reduces PFC Gas Emissions -- Seiko Epson Corporation
060Gigantic Ships Need Wearable Computer Systems for their Crews -- Hiroyuki Yamato
064Proposal to Precision Factory Automation (FA) Manufacturers: "Emotion Value" Production Solutions for FA Plants Using IT -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
066Creatures in Asia -- Tomoya Akihama
070Terraced Fields and Natural Disasters in Nepal -- An Fuyusawa
074Proposal on Science and Technology Studies -- Yuko Fujigaki
012Hydrogen Bonding of Microparts: The Technology to Bond Thin and Microparts -- Denso Corporation
076NI Club
080WIN Newsletter
086Guidance for Environmental Planners
088Information from The Foundation for Earth Environment
093NI Forum
094Questionnaire Form
095Index - The Credits
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