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My Expectation toward the Nature Interface from the Viewpoint of a Natural Environment Formation

Satomi Watanabe

Professor, Institute of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo

"Coexistence with Nature" is often discussed these days. In order to attain coexistence with nature, we need to adapt, improve on and innovate human nature toward coexistence. We need to start by improving our capacity for intercourse with nature through continuous communication with nature.

We have to create a "naturalistic environment," which will prompt the human being to communicate with nature and to nourish the human sensibility and mind toward coexistence. Greenery plays an important role in creating such an environment. When we place greenery in various spaces and facilities where people live or work, greenery will respond to humans' behaviors. We examine the adequacy of human actions toward nature through such greenery's reactions, and thereby search for a better relationship between humans and nature.

Then, we put the greenery under the care of humans. Care is a good way to prompt positive communication between humans and nature. Appropriate care requires a good understanding of the object being cared for, i.e., nature. When people try to understand nature well, they will have much interest in nature and will enhance deep communication with nature. Diagnoses and observations of nature are needed before one can attempt to provide proper care. Through this learning process, people will come to understand what helps or harms nature, and will therefore try to search for more effective ways of care. If nature develops well through such care, people will feel much pleasure. Through this rewarding experience, people will obtain the keen sensitivity and intelligence needed for our co-existence with nature.

Greenery is attractive also as the medium for healing humanity. To bring about positive changes in human nature, something grateful and contenting is needed. We have to develop greenery to become our close partner that improves nature in diverse ways.

In creating such a "naturalistic environment," we need to grasp and analyze the status and means of communications among human nature, greenery and nature generally. I hope that this research field develops further by utilizing the Nature Interface technology.

(Presented at the regular meeting on Jan. 25, 2001.)


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