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NatureInterface No.4

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.4 -- 1,200 yen(+tax)

004Column: Emergence of a New GIS -- Shyunji Murai
008Opening Interview: Future Prospects through the Pros and Cons of Information Technology -- Tsukio Yoshio + Kiyoshi Itao
016Special Feature: Evolving Information
016Concealed Face and Nameless Face -- Hiroshi Harashima
022Tangible Bits -- Hiroshi Ishii
026What is the Evolution of Communication? -- Osamu Sakura
030The Life Morphology of Shigeo Miki -- Masatoshi Goto
035Natureinterface Frontier -- Kiyoshi Itao
040Special Project: Evolution of Medical Information Technology -- Mamoru Mitsuishi
044IT and Telemedicine -- Corenet Tohoku
048The "Health Forecast PLUS" Provides Medical Weather Forecasts for Individuals
052Special Reports: Evolving and Expanding GIS
052Deployment of the Pedestrian ITS to Enable Next-Generation Traffic to be Barrier-Free -- Fujitsu FIP Corporation
056Making a Human Body Map -- Pasco Corporation
060Zero Emission Projects Becoming Fully Established throughout the World
063Cutting Edge Technologies: Development of the Eye-Trek as a Single-Eye Ultimate Wearable Instrument -- Olympus Optical Co., Ltd
066Evolution of Microbatteries, the Energy Source for Wearable Devices -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
070Evolution of the Liquid Crystal Technology Supporting Mobile Information Appliances -- Seiko Epson Corporation
074A Bridge between Humans and Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
078NI Human Interview: Citizen Watch Co., Ltd -- Hiroshi Haruta
080Thin IC Chips with Three-Dimensional Structure -- Denso Corporation
081WIN Newsletter
085Creatures in Asia
088Terraced Fields and Natural Disasters in Nepal 2) -- Tomoya Akihama
092NI Club
094NI Forum
098The Interface between Literature and Science -- Kenji Kazama
100The Interface between Science, Technology and Society 2) -- Yuko Fujigaki
102A Message from The Foundation for Earth Environment, Dietetics Therapists -- The Foundation For Earth Environment
104Guidauce for Environmental Planners
107Index - The Credits -- Editors
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