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NatureInterface No.5

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.5 -- 1,200 yen(+tax)

005Column: Suggestion of Public Education Open to the Society -- Kazuo Nishimura
006Opening Interview: Let's Create Technologies that Contribute to the Society by Seeking Originality and Creativity - The Future Created by Biotechnologies and Industry-academia Collaboration -- Isao Karube + Kiyoshi Itao
010Road to Sensitivity -- Chihiro Minato
012Pure Persistence of Plants: How Do They Communicate? -- Yoshiyuki Miwa
017The Interface of Wind and Fragrance -- Yutaka Matsushita
020*** -- Keiji Ueshima
022The Plastic -- Kiyokazu Washida
024Interview with Dr. Ryoji Noyori: Nobel Prize Memorial Interview -- Ryoji Noyori
029Interview: To Be Truly Innovative - KEN TAKEUCHI, the Former Mayor of Kamakura City -- Ken Takeuchi
062NI Human Interview: Seiko Epson Co., Ltd -- Hideaki Yasukawa
064NI Cutitng Edge Interview -- Takeyoshi Dohi
034Anouncing the Degree of Environmental Consideration of a Product: Activities on Development of Environmentally-conscious IT Products -- Seiko Epson Corporation
038Another Face of SII: A Challenge of SII e-Solution -- Seiko Instrumenst Inc.
042*** -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
044*** -- Denso Corporation
045WIN Information
052A Bridge between Humans and Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
058Creatures in the World: Use of the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Biosensors - Diagnosis of Earth Environment Vitality through the Investigation of Carabids -- Tomoya Akihama
060The Meaning of the 38th Parallel: Bird Migration and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) -- Hiroyoshi Higuchi
070As a Liaison: People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxin and Endocrine Disrupters -- Yuko Nakashita
072Human Beings Are a Truly Infinite Resource! Society, Organizations, and People Changed by Zero Emission -- Masako Unoura
076NI Report: Comment on Science and Technology
078NI Club
080NI Forum
082Toward Enriched Science Education -- Yoji Takigawa
085NI Book Review
086Symposium: Communication between Technology and the Wildlife -- The Foundation for Earth Environment
090The Interface between Literature and Science 2) -- Kenji Kazama
092 -- Yuko Fujigaki
095Index - The Credits -- Editors
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