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Creatures in the World: Use of the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Biosensors - Diagnosis of Earth Environment Vitality through the Investigation of Carabids -- Tomoya Akihama

Use of the Geographic Information System (GIS)and Biosensors

Diagnoses of earth environment vitality through the investigation of carabids

Corresponding author:

Tomoya Akihama

Agri-Bio Institute

The Square A-310,

1-1-5 Sekido, Tama City,

206-0011, Tokyo, Japan

Tel/Fax: +81-42-372-5365

The environment of the earth is changing drastically because of unusual weather (floods and droughts) and deforestation. We propose a new use of GIS which makes use of biosensors to examine changes in ecosystems in order to determine how best to restore them.

Features of carabids

*Widely distributed primarily from the temperate zone to the semi-frigid zone. Divided into four genera which include about 1000 known species.

*Carabids show complex differentiation by isolation because the hind wing degenerated in many carabid species other than the katabiro carabid.

*Carabids are terrestrial walking beetles and have an important relationship with forest florae.

*The life span of carabids is relatively long for insects with new generations appearing every two to three years.

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