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The NI Forum

The NI Forum Has Been Launched at the Homepage of Nature Interface.

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What Is the NI Forum?

The NI Forum was launched at the beginning of September 2001 to provide opportunities for active exchange of opinions and communication with others for those who share the innovative mind-set of the Nature Interface. The NI Forum focuses on considering the possibility of the Nature Interface and environmental problems in relation to our daily lives from the viewpoint of science and technology.

The NI Forum Has Five Categories.

Visit our homepage. We look forward to reading your unique opinions.

Eco Forum: Natural Environment and Ecology

In the Eco Forum, we consider how we can deal with both civilization and ecosystems by installing forefront technologies into the natural environment based on the idea of the Nature Interface.

Life Forum: Life Styles and Home Information Appliances

We can make good use of the concept of the Nature Interface even in our daily lives. We can have convenient home lives by connecting home information appliances to advanced information networks. We are also anticipating debates based on your real lives.

Media Forum: Books, Movies and Music

The concept of the Nature Interface inherits new possibilities of mass media. The media that have interfaces with nature will not only bring new values to journalism, but also create new works of film and music with innovative concepts.

Tech Forum: Technology

The Tech Forum is the forum on basic technologies, which are crucial to realize the concept of the Nature Interface. In the Tech Forum, we exchange information from developers and opinions from users about technologies related to the Nature Interface such as sensors, communication, actuators, energy, and robots.

About-NI Forum: Information about the Concept of the Nature Interface and the Activities of the NI Forum

The concept of the Nature Interface is not widely known yet. The About-NI Forum aims at improving the NI Forum website through listening to your opinions about the concept of the Nature Interface, questions about the magazine Nature Interface, or remarks about NI Forum activities.

NI Forum Members

The NI Forum is managed by young people, mainly students of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Members make full use of their fields of study and interests. Let us introduce some of our members to you.


Master course student at the Environmental Information Laboratory, Institute of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo

I research communication systems of wearable devices, which people can wear like wristwatches or eyeglasses. If such devices become wireless, their practicality expands, so I try to develop networks by passing weak currents through the body.

At first, I was interested in the body and my field of research was health care, such as measuring heart rates. Later, I came up with the idea that if such data could be transmitted to other devices, we could make better use of wearable devices and such data communication would be effective for health care. In this way, I gradually came to be interested in communication.

My main task at the NI Forum is making web content. As for myself, I have a concern for recycling of water and resources. However, there are many problems for which I can't find the right answer alone. For example, people collect milk cartons to recycle them. However, I wonder if this is really friendly to the environment when I think that some people wash milk cartons with hot water or bring these cartons to recycling bins by car. Disposing milk cartons may create less carbon dioxide than recycling them. Yet, I don't know where I can get the right answers for such questions. I hope I can hear advice from many people at the club page of the NI Forum. I hope the NI Forum will be a place where we can have such positive communications.


Master course student at the Environmental Information Laboratory, Institute of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo

The tracking system of crows and migratory birds by attaching PHS (Personal Handyphone System) terminals to them was already introduced in Nature Interface No. 1/Vol. 2. I try to apply this tracking system to physical distribution. Pallets, which are used for physical distribution, are easily lost: Japanese companies lose tens of millions of pallets every year. A pallet-rental company asked us to establish a system to track the positions of pallets by attaching PHS terminals on pallets. This is still in the experimental stage, but I think it will become practicable in the near future.

I hope the NI Forum will be a place where we can listen to the ideas of people that ordinary students can hardly meet, such as people who do unique work, company CEOs, or celebrities. I'm interested especially in those who apply technologies to the fields of natural science such as agriculture and zoology. I think there are few people yet who do such work, but I'm very curious about what we can do and how we can accomplish it.

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