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Environmental Planner


Mr. Takigawa was born in 1949. He graduated from International Christian University's graduate school in 1984. He currently holds a position as a teacher of physics at ICU High School, where he has worked since 1979. He studied at the University of Leeds and Cambridge University from September of 1999 to July of 2000 to conduct research on science curricula. His report on British science education, which developed dramatically in the 1990s, was well received in Japan.

The Galileo Workshop has offered amazing experiments in physics to students of many regions since its foundation in 1986.

Companies today require the talent to familiarize themselves with both business and the environment. Let us introduce to you the environmental planner certification, the need for which will continue to increase.

What is the Environmental Planner?

Companies today have to take countermeasures against environmental issues, which vary from abiding environmental-related laws and acquiring the ISO 14001 EMS to introduce environmental accounting, disclosing information through environmental reports, and recycling. Thus, a talented individual who can deal with all these measures, and propose and realize harmony between business and the environment is crucial especially for small or medium-sized companies.

The certification system for the environmental planner was established to meet such needs. Having the environmental planner certificate signifies that this person has management knowledge required when a company deals with environmental problems and related business skills and is able to advise business establishments on environmental issues.

The environmental planner certification system has three grades: Environmental planner, environmental planner as an earth republic (ER), and environmental planner as an earth republic officer (ERO). This hierarchy may be similar to the three classes of judges, which are assistant judge, judge, and chief judge.

The Foundation for Earth Environment (Director: Katsuya Fukuoka) conducts registration of these grades and acknowledgement of the training period.

Completing the basic training course of the environmental planner held by authorized organizations for registration of the environmental planner and passing the final exam of this course are some of the requirements to apply for the environmental planner certification. If someone seeks specialization in environmental planning further, she can acquire the certificate of the environmental planner ER by completing the special course held by authorized organizations. The environmental planner ERO is the superior certificate of all environmental planner certificates and experience as an environmental planner is crucial to obtain this certification.

Authorized Organizations

*Technofer (a training organization for ISO 14001/9000)

*NPO The Promotional Advancement Institute of Wearable Environmental Information Networks (established by a University of Tokyo professor)

*Chuo Sustainability Research Institute Co., Ltd. (wholly owned by ChuoAoyama Audit Corp.)

How to Become an Environmental Planner

As mentioned above, the environmental planner is divided into three grades: Environmental planner, environmental planner ER, and environmental planner ERO (see figure).

(1) Environmental Planner


*Educational background: High school graduate (minimum)

*Experience: Three or more years as a company worker

*Completion of the authorized basic training course (including passing the final exam)

*Recommendation by a person such as a supervisor, colleague, professional, or customer

(2) Environmental Planner ER


*Being an environmental planner

*Completion of the authorized special training course (including passing the final exam)

[Special fields of environmental planner ER]

Environmental accounting, disclosure of environment-related information, environmental management strategy, establishment of environmental management systems, environmental risk management, recycling management, design for Environment (DfE), environmental education, zero emission, life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental performance evaluation (EPE), NPO management, company evaluation, etc.

(3) Environmental Planner ERO


*Being an environmental planner ER

*Records: Guidance of environmental technology, guidance of environmental management, books or papers on environment, etc.

*An interview by the Award Board

Waiving system

If those who have the following certificates complete the basic environmental planner training course and a one-day course on company evaluation within two years, they are certified as environmental planners ER in the field of company evaluation.

*Licensed tax accountant / certified public accountant (CPA)

*ISO14001 EMS judge

*Engineer in environment-related fields

*Small and medium enterprise management consultant (Note: This is a certification registered by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry)

*U.S. enrolled agent (EA) / CPA

The Environmental Planner Training Course

An environmental planner training course was held in Oct. 2001 with the following curriculum. Education of talented individuals to deal with both business and the environment in 21st century-styled companies has already begun.

*Basic course

Oct. 1

"Environmental Administration Theory" (Mizue Unno, Director of So-Tech Japan, Inc.)

"Environmental Risks" (Shinya Nagasaki, associate professor of the University of Tokyo)

Oct. 2

"Earth Environmental Conservation" (Katsuya Fukuoka, Director of the Foundation for the Earth Environment)

"Environmental Accounting" (Yasuho Ema, President of Ema Public Accounting Firm)

Oct. 3

"Environmental Management System" (Koichiro Sonobe, Managing Director of Technofer)

"Transportation Energy" (Hiroyuki Yamato, a professor of the University of Tokyo)

Oct. 5

"Disassembly Engineering" (Tadatomo Suga, professor of the University of Tokyo)

"Life Cycle Assessment" (Yoshihito Hirabayashi, Executive Director of Technofer)


Oct. 11

Basic laboratories

"Environmental Issues and the Environmental Management System"

"Environmental-Related Laws"

"Environmental Risk Management"

Oct. 12

Basic laboratories

"Environmental Accounting"

"Environmental Reports"

"Environmental Administration"

*Final Exam

Environmental planners can work at, for, or as:

Financial companies for enterprise estimate

Small or medium-sized companies as consultants

Companies' ISO 14001 EMS registration

Verifiers to guide environmental report writing, environmental accounting, and transactions of carbon dioxide emission authority

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