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NatureInterface No.6

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.6 -- 1,200 yen(+tax)

005Column: Platform of "Earth Literacy" -- Shinichi Takemura
007Opening interview: Promoting Informatics in Academic and Business Arenas -- Yasuharu Suematsu + Kiyoshi Itao
012Special Feature: The World of Interface Between Humans and Nature, Known through Plants -- Katsue Suma
015The Journey of Migratory Birds: Where Do They Come From and Where Do They Go?: Keeping Track of Migratory Birds through the Use of Satellites -- Hiroyoshi Higuchi
018Tracking Migratory Birds Using GPS -- Akira Fukuda
020How Do Penguins and Seals Capture Their Prey?: The Collection and Analysis of Ecological and Ethological Information through the Use of Data Loggers -- Yasuhiko Naito
022How Do Whales Make Use of the Great Ocean?: The Analysis of the Ecology and Behavior of Whales through the Use of Satellites -- Kiyoharu Ohsumi
024Computer-aided Development of Wildlife Conservation Plans -- Hiroshi Momose
025How to Send Out National and Regional Nature Information: Developing and Using a Biological/Environmental Information Infrastructure -- Keitaro Hara
028The Plastic -- Kiyokazu Washida
033Interview: Creating New Concept, Environmental Management Based on "Green Employment Business" -- Masayasu Kitagawa/Manabu Akaike
038Natureinterface Frontier: Micro-Automatic Power Generation for Micro-Information Terminals -- Hiroshi Hosaka
042WIN Information
055NI Information
056Human Interview: ADVANEX Inc. -- Yuichi kato President of ADVANEX Inc.
044Cutting Edge Technologies
045Technology to Establish Digital Photography and Digital Printing Culture -- Seiko Epson Co., Ltd.
048The Wrist Computer, Original Form of Electronic Dictionaries: "The Electronic Dictionary - The History of its Long-lasting Popularity" - A Lin-up of Nine Models with Full Contents and Keyboard, Incorporating Seven Dictionaries from Kojien to the Oxford Thesaurus -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
052"CITIZEN FORUM21" Held in Tokyo International Forum: Creating the World of Super-watch with MICRO HUMAN TECH -- Citizen Co., Ltd
054Magical Class on Fabrication -- Denso
058The Communication and Community of Ants -- Ryohei Yamaoka
062A Bridge between Humans and Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
066NI Report: Creatures in the World -- Tomoya Akihama
068A Move toward Diversified Image: Use and Editing Development of a HDTV Optical-disk Camera for Journalists -- Haruki Tokumaru
071The World of Ubiquitous Computing -- Shigeki Yamada
074DNA Chips: A New Nature Interface that Explores Life -- Nobuyoshi Shimizu
078NI Science and Technology: Media Review
080NI Book Review
082NI Forum
084NI Club
086Guidance for Environmental Planners
089Back Issues
090Recommendation of Scientific, Technological and Social Theory -- Yuko Fujigaki
092Interface between Science and Literature -- Kenji Kazama
093Index - The Credits / From the Editors -- Editors
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