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NatureInterface No.7

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.7 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

004Column: Conditions for the Establishment of "Science for Society" in the 21st Century -- Takeo Arimoto
006Opening Interview: A New Sense of Value Created by Information Technology -- Toshiharu Aoki + Kiyoshi Itao
013Special Feature: Predicting the Future - Most Advanced Agribusiness inJapan
013Plant Growth: Agricultural Biotechnology Opens Up Our Future -- Satoshi Mori
018Information Disclosure of Farms and Agriculture for Environmental Conservation -- Ichiro Yamada/Tadashi Kato
022Zero-Emission Type Agricultural Production System and Possibilities with IT -- Hidemitsu Otsuka
026IT Agriculture Based on Measurement and Control Technology -- Jyun Kawauchi
031Possibility and Practice of Agribusiness -- Kuniaki Kawamura/Satoshi Shinozaki
035Energy Supply to IT House -- Yotaro Uchida
039For the Creation of Agribusiness -- Shinichi Osawa
044Natureinterface Frontier - For High-Density Optical Storage -- Toshifumi Okubo
049Development of Medical Sensors which Ushered in Micro Machining -- Masayoshi Esashi
064NI Human Interview -- Yoshiharu Sato
053WIN Information
054Development of "Carbon Nano-tube" -- Denso Corporation
055Cutting Edge Technologies
056Report: "ECOPRODUCTS 2001": "Eco-Drive" - Battery Exchange-free Watch using Solar Power Generation -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
058"Spherical LSI: a New Technology that Overthrows Common Sense" -- Yamatake Corporaiton
060Prospects for the Future (Seiko Epson Co., Ltd) -- Seiko Epson Co., Ltd.
066A Bridge between Humans and Insects: Movement of Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
070Creatures of the world: People and Plants of Pakistan -- Tomoya Akihama
073NI Report
073Micro-opt-mechatoronics -- Yoshitada Katagiri
076High Performance Lithium-ion Batteries Developed from Used Coffee Beans -- Yutaka Oki/Shinichiro Yamada
079Super Kamiokande: Investigation of the Cause of the Accident for its Reconstruction -- Institute For Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo
082The Latest Environmental Information System: Computer Terminal for Wildlife Searching
084NI Book Review
086NI Forum
088NI Club
090World Watch -- Lester R. Brown
092Guidance for Environmental Planners
093Index - The Credits -- Editors
096Back Issues
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