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NatureInterface No.8

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.8 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

005Column: Design of Action -- Eiji Katsura
008The Environmental Point of View Changes Education and Business -- Nobuo Saito + Kiyoshi Itao
015Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring has Started
016Why is Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Expected Now? -- Masahiko Isobe
020Toward Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring System -- Norihiro Obata
025Expectation for Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring -- Toshiro Okada
028Aiming at Environmental Information Service for Citizen -- Katsuhiko Honjyo
032Trends in Environmental Problems and Monitoring Technologies -- Ryozo Goto
036GIS Analysis for Natural Ecosystem Preservation: Investigation on the Japanese Crane's Habitat -- Koichi Hirata
040Coniferous Forest of Magnesium: Metal Micro-corn Formed by Focusing on Beam Irradiation -- Denso Corporation
041Nature Interface Frontier: Environmental Information Automatic Acquisition Device and Environmental Information Integration N-dimensional Map -- Ken Sasaki
047Observe, Measure and Send: Seek the Future Tense of GIS -- Syunji Murai
051Cutting EdgeTechnologies
052Ink-jet Mini Printer
056"Eco-Be!": A Robot which Materializes a Watch's Life -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
058Development of a World's Smallest Gear and its Drive for Practical Use of Carbon Nano-fiber Composite Materials -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
060NI Human Interview: Seiko Instruments Co., Ltd -- Akio Irie
062Hitachi, Ltd. -- Kunio Hasegawa
064WIN Information
066A Bridge between Humans and Insects: Micro Presence -- Kenji Kohiyama
070Creatures of the World: ‚m‚‚”‚•‚’‚‚Œ Hybridazation in Gene Conservation Forest of Cherry Blossoms -- Masataka Someai/Tomoya Akihama
074NI Report
074DNA Computer: Deoxyribonucleic Aacid Computer
078Technology-climatology: Tatsumi Water System in Kanazawa
080Science of Gusto 1) Five Basic Tastes -- Kiyoshi Toko
082To Solve Misteries of Phelomone 1) Phenomenon Called Phelomone -- Takashi Suzuki
084NI Book Review
086NI Forum
088NI Plaza
090World Watch -- Molly O'Meara Sheehan
092Guidance for Environmental Plannners
094Back Issues
095Index - The Credits -- Editors
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