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NatureInterface No.11

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.11 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Design of Action 4) Mirror! Mirror! -- Eiji Katsura
006Opening Interview: Eco-business Provokes Technical Innovation - Business from a Lifecycle-assessment Standpoint -- Keizo Yamaji + Kiyoshi Itao
012Feature: The Latest State of Wearable Fashions
013Interview: Incorporation of Computers and Fashions - Potentiality of Media Fashions -- Michitaka Hirose
018Case Study: From Abroad/ Wearable PCs Change Your Life
022Case Study: From Japan - The Holographic See-through Display -- Minolta Co., Ltd.
023Case study: From Japan - Wearable Computers that Have Started to Approach Our Daily Life - Chikuma's Aattempt, 'Media Uniforms' -- Chikuma Co., Ltd.
024Interview: The Future of the Wearable Computers Stays with the "Clothes Computer" -- Eiji Shimizu
028Wearable Instruments and Fashions -- Yayoi Hirose
029Interview: Enjoyable Wearable Life -- Masahiko Tsukamoto
033"Tagtype": The New Device for Japanese Word Input
034Terraced Fields in the Nano World -- Denso Corporation
036NI Special Interview: Heartful Machines - Technology Has Returned -- Masao Kurosaki
040NI Special Project: EXPO 2005 AICHI -- Masako Unoura
044NI Mayor Interview: Katsuo Yamamoto, Mayor of Fujisawa City -- Katsuo Yamamoto
046NI Cutting Edge Interview: Small Grains of Light Make a New Epoch in Photo-technology -- Motoichi Otsu
058NI Human Interview -- Kimio Tasaki
052Cutting Edge Technologies: "Crystal Fine" TFD Liquid Crystal Display -- Seiko Epson Co., Ltd.
056"Poralys": The New PDA for Business -- Citizen Co., Ltd.
065Guidance for the Environmental Planners: Environmental Risks and the Role of Environmental Planner -- Shinya Nagasaki
068WIN News: The Environmental Planning Society Has Established
060A Bridge between Humans and Insect: Insect Hunting -- Kenji Kohiyama
070Science of Gusto 4) Is it Possible to Re-create a Good Taste? -- Kiyoshi Tokoh
072Solve Misteries of Phelomone: Semiology of Pheromone -- Takashi Suzuki
081Creatures of the world: Attempts to Co-exist with Natural Life Forms -- Tomoya Akihama
090Techno-climatology 4) Japan's First Modernized Waterworks in Yokohama
074New Communication Service by PHS
076NI Forum
078NI Topics
084NI Report: Is Electromagnetic Field from Wearable Equipment Dangerous?
088Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092NI Book Review
093The Credits -- Editors
011Back Issues
095WIN News
096WIN Information
000WIN Corporate Members
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