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NatureInterface No.12

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.12 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Design of Action 5) -- Eiji Katsura
006Opening Interview: The Origin of the Idea of Kamiokande -- Masatoshi Koshiba
011New Streams of Thought in Technology "Technology Weaving"
011Why do We Need "Technology Weaving"? -- Kiyoshi Itao
014The Frontier of Science -- Yoshio Tsukio
018Ubiquitous Computing Society is Coming -- Ken Sakamura
022The Robotic Rroom Might Change Our Life -- Tomotada Sato
026What Could Nano-Biotechnology Do? Chip Technology, which Suports Tailor-made Medicine -- Masao Karobe
030Learning from Failures -- Yohtaro Hatamura
034For the Technology Weaving -- Takayoshi Yoshida
035Transparent EL-displays -- Denso corporation
037"Vision Chip": Ultra-high-speed Image Processing -- Masatoshi Ishikawa
042NI Mayor's Interview -- Isao Ogawa
052NI Human Interview -- Makoto Umehara
046Cutting Edge Technologies: Ink-jet Color Printer for High-quality Photo Printing -- Seiko Epson Co., Ltd
050Washable Watches -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
054A Bridge between Humans and Insects: Taking Pictures of Insects -- Kenji Kohiyama
060Creatures of the World : Genetic Resources of Myanmer -- Tomoya Akihama
082Science of Gusto 5) Is it Pssible to Measure a Good Taste? -- Kiyoshi Tokoh
084To Solve Misteries of Phelomone: Understanding of a Sense of Smell -- Takashi Suzuki
090The Dockyard Founded by Glover
070Information about Environmental Planning
071The Environmental Planning Society: Inaugural Address -- Masahiko Isobe
072Guidance for the Environmental Plannners: Global Warming Policies - Kyoto Protocol Issue -- Akira Maeda
075Companies' Awareness of the Natural Environment: Reports on Johannesburg Earth Summit -- Mizue Umino
078Today's Trend of the Environmental Management: Thouhts from Nikkei Environmental Management Surveys -- Rinji Moriya
065NI Book Review
066Back Issues
068NI Club
086RFID Tag
088Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092Back Issues
093The Credits -- Editors
081WIN News
095WIN News
096WIN Information

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