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NatureInterface No.14

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.14 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Story about Science, Technologies, and the Humans 1) From the Iceman to Monica Lewinsky -- Satoru Ikeuchi
006Opening Interview: The Creation of New Intellect to Understand Nature - Fascinated with Genome which has Universality and Diversity -- Keiko Nakamura + Kiyoshi Itao
011Special Feature: Healthcare in the Next Generation - Health Information System
012The Collaboration between the Work Front of Care and Technologies -- Yasuko Ichibangase
014In Order to Prevent Dangers in Everyday Life: What We Expect from IT to Tackle the Issues of Sudden Death and Falling during Bathing. -- Ryutaro Takahashi
018Case study: The Latest Health Care Network System -- Masafumi Mori
024The Health Information System, "Vital Care Networks" Developed by WIN -- Naoki Yahagi
034Chewing Cures Dementia and Obesity!? Unlock the Misterious Relation between Mastication and Brain -- Shigeru Saito/Minoru Onozuka/Toshiie Sakata
041Cutting Edge Interveiw: Virtual Reality Realizes "The Self that Exists beyond Space" -- Susumu Tachi
047Cutting Edge Technologies: Super-miniaturized Quartz MEMS -- Seiko Epson Corporation
052Latest Development: Extremely Low-powered LSI for Informational Devices -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
054Latest Development: Protecting Personal Information, "Security Watch" -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
056A Bridge between Humans and Insects: The Joy of Watching the Invisible - Insect Eating Habit -- Kenji Kohiyama
060Creatures in the the world: From India to Western Asia - A Peregrination to Extremely Dry Areas in the Pursuit of Hereditary Sources of Plants -- Takashi Yamashita/Tomoya Akihama
083Where does the Spirit go? 11) Things That Change and Things That Do Not. -- Kyoji Kobayashi
086Qualia Technica 1) Brains are Awaiting Technologies -- Kenichiro Mogi
088Techno-climatology 7) Illuminating Pictures with the Optical Fibre
072Information on Environmental Planning
073The First Symposium held by Environmental Planning Society; The Role of Environmental Planners in the Sustainable Society
074Curriculum Committee Starts its Activities!
076Lecture for Environmetal Planners on Publication: "A New Concept of Environmental Marketing" -- Masahiko Nishida
080The Latest News on Environmental Business: Towards the Compatibility between Business and Environment -- Canon Inc.
065WIN's Project, "Health Information System using Wearable sensors"has been Selected by IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan)
066NI Forum
068NI Club
070NI Special Series: EXPO2005 AICHI Report: A Bamboo-basket-shaped Governmental Pavillion, which is Expected to Become a Landmark of the Venue -- Masato Nobutoki
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092NI Book Review
093Back Issues
094The Credits -- Editors
096Information about WIN
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