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NatureInterface No.15

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.15 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Story about Science, Technologies, and the Humans 2) Evolution is not an Improvement -- Satoru Ikeuchi
006Opening Interview: In Order to Ensure Our Vital World is Handed Down to the Next Generation -- Akiko Domoto + Kiyoshi Itao
011Special Feature: Biotechnology and IT will Change the Madical Care
012The Changes in Medical Treatments Made by Advanced Technology: Examining the differences between Japan and the United States -- Yoshinori Hiroi
016Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Enhance the Safety of Medication Treatment -- Tatsuji Iga
019The Possibility of Biological Devices Led by the Research on Nano-biotechnology -- Sunao Ishihara/Masao Morita
023What We can do with Biosensors - the Versatility of Biosensors, from Testing Blood Sugar Level to Taste -- Kiyoshi Tokou
028Case Study: A Biosensor Using SPR (Surface Prasmon Resonance) -- Kazuhiro Nagaike
030The Post-genome Era and the Future of DNA Chips -- Kenichi Matsubara
034Case Study: ECA Chip - Biochip in the Next Generation -- Masahiko Amano
036Will Nanotechnology Bring the Dream Drug? The Progress of DDS(Drug Delivery System) -- Masahiro Fujiwara
041NI Mayor Interview: The Mayor of Yokohama City, Hiroshi Nakata -- Hiroshi Nakata
047Proto-type Microrobot "Monsieur II-P" -- Seiko Epson Corporation
052The Watch with the World's Smallest Analog Quarts Movement -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd
054Wrist Watch-type PHS, "Wristomo" -- Seiko Instruments Inc.
056A Bridge between Humans and Insects: The Color of Insect -- Kenji Kohiyama
060Ceatures in the Worl: A Peregrination to Russia in the Pursuit of Hereditary Sources, Dr. Babylob and Russian Plant Production Research Center -- Masakazu Ashizawa/Tomoya Akihama
083Where Does the Spirit Go? -2) The Logic Behind Patience
086Qualia Technica 2) Reverse Engineering of Qualia
088Techno-climatology 8) The Secret of the Misterious Wall Painting is Revealed by The Latest Technology
044NI Special Series: EXPO2005 AICHI - EXPO Newsletter: Love/Earth Exhibition is an Experiment Site for the 21 Century's Culture and Civil -- Yasutoshi Kojima
065Ship and Ocean Foundation Funds NPO WIN's Research and Development of Work Support System with Wearable Computers
066What is the Website of "NI Forum" Like?
068NI Club: Special - After the Years of Treating the Modern People's Mental Health
070NPO Topic: The Beginning of NPO for Research and Developmet
072Information on Environmental Planning
073Environmental Planning Society's Organization Chart
076Environmnetal Planner Course on Magazine 1) The Eco-relationship Management Required for Companies -- Ippei Hagiwara
077Guidance for Environmental Planners 2) SRI will Save the Japanese Economy -- Takeshi Ueda/Toshie Inoue
080The Latest News on Environmental Business: The Introduction of Creating Environmental Activity Report into the All Divisions -- Canon Inc.
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092NI Book Review
093Back Issues
094The Credits -- Editors
096Information about WIN

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