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NatureInterface No.17

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.17 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Story about Science, Technologies, and the Humans 4) A Strong Relation Between Invention and Needs -- Satoru Ikeuchi
006Opening Interview: The Form of Technology Truly Desired by the Society - Individual Power Changes Society -- Tsutomu Hotta + Kiyoshi Itao
011Special Feature: Safety, Peace of Mind, and Information Technology
012How Can We Attain Safty and Security in the Network Society? -- Ohyama Nagaaki
016In Order to Regain the Trust in Science -- Reiko Kuroda
020Feeling Secure in the Network Society -- Masafumi Mori
024Case Study: Advanced Biometrics Technology
028Case Study: Image Sensor which Automatically Detects Irregularities -- Yasufumi Kuwahara
031Communication Network that Controls Congestion Disaster in Accidents -- Osamu Takizawa
035Case Study: The Day Robots Play a Crucial Role at Accident Sites - Rescue Robots Have Started to Act -- Satoshi Tadokoro
038Guard Computer Systems and Electric Devices from Power Supply Interruption and Earthquakes -- Best Solutions, Inc.
041NI Human Interview: Being Prepared Creates Security of the Network Society -- Ryuji Nunotani
044NPO Topics: DCCJ NPO Digital Cinema Consortium of Japan is Going to Change the Cinema World -- Tomonori Aoyama
048The Latest Development: Stripe Liquid Crystal Projection System -- Citizen Active Co., Ltd./Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
056A Bridge between Humans and Insects: The Collapse of Concept -- Kenji Kohiyama
060Ceatures in the World: A Peregrination to Nigeria in the Pursuit of Plant Hereditary Sources -- Masakazu Ashizawa/Yuya Akihama
083Where Does the Spirit Go? 4) A Taboo is Boring -- Kyoji Kobayashi
086Qualia Technica 4) Numbers as Interface -- Kenichiro Mogi
088Techno-climatology 10) The Oldest Building in Japan - 1300-year-old Five Storied Pagoda
053NI Report from Chile: Achieving Collaborative Context Situated Learning by Remotely Earthquakes Monitoring -- Nelson Baloian
065NI Topics: Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race Supported by Wearable PC
066NI Special Series: EXPO2005 AICHI - EXPO Newsletter - The Japanese Government's Exhibition Pavilion that Informs the World of the "Experience"of Japan Gained with the "Benefit of Land"and "Benefit of Time" -- Syunsuke Aoyama
068NI Club
070NI Forum: Student Circle Series 2) Keio University "E..C.O."
071WIN News: "Social Relations Department" has been Set up in WIN
073Information on Environmental Planning
074Environmental Planning Society: Report on the First Presentation Seminar for the Researches on "Environmental Planning Aimed at the Sustainable Society"
076 Invitation to the 5th Environmental Planner Training Course
077Environmental Topic: The Key to Solving Sewage Overflow Problem, Flow Forecast System for Sewage and Rainwater -- Yamatake Co.
080The Latest News on Environmental Business: What is an Environmental Policy that Has "Efficacy"? -- IBM Japan
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092Back Issues
094The Credits / From the Editors -- Editors
096Information about WIN

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