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NatureInterface No.18

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.18 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Story of Science, Technologies, and the Hmans 5) Disposable Dinaper will Stop Desertification! -- Satoru Ikeuchi
006Opening Interview: The Essense of University is Research and Education -- Toshiaki Ikoma + Kiyoshi Itao
013Special Feature: New Era of Energy and the Wearable
014A New Era of Energy is Coming: Prediction about our Future: Fossil Fuel and Renewable Energy -- Tetsuo Yuhara
018Ultra-low-energy Communication System and Micro Power Generation Technology, which Help Ubiquitous Society Come True -- Seiko Epson Corporation
022Possibility for Power Source for Mobile Devices: From Micro Power Generation to Fuel Cell -- Hiroshi Hosaka
026Introduction of Fuel Cell -- Takuya Honma
030Case Study: Mobile Fuel Cell with Carbon Nanohorns -- Yoshimi Kubo
034Case Study: Revolutionarily Minute Gas Turbine Electric Generator with MEMS Processing Technlogoy -- Syuji Tanaka
038Case Study: Wearable Will Change With Fuel Cells!? -- Toshiba/Casio/Micro Fuel Cells of MIT(USA)/etc.
043Cutting Edge Development: The Development of the New Material for FeRAM -- Seiko Epson Corporation
046Miniature PDA with the Communication Function of PHS -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
054Bridge between Humans and Insects: Diversity -- Kenji Kohiyama
058Ceatures in the World: A Peregrination to Eastern Russia in the Pursuit of Hereditary Sources -- Masakazu Ashizawa/Yuya Akihama
083Where Does the Spirit Go? 5) Christianity and Life Ethics -- Kyoji Kobayashi
086Qualia Technica 5) Qualia are Independent and Distinct Properties -- Kenichiro Mogi
088Techno-climatology 11) The Secret of Sky Gardens Appeared on the Top of Buildings -- Madoka Tainaka
049NI Book Review
050NI Report: Radial Ray Measurement Technology to Support Our Safe and Secure Life -- Seiko E&G/Seiko Instruments Ltd.
052NI Report: The First Wearable Computing Show in the 21st Century at WPC EXPO 2003
062WIN News: Report on WIN Marunouchi Party II: Special Talk - Encouraging Industry-academia Collaboration in Japan -- Yasuharu Suematsu
064"Science for People" Promoted by WIN -- Kiyoshi Itao
068NI Club
070NI Forum: Student Circle Series 3) Waseda University "Environmental Rodrigues" -- Yasuhiro Kawahara
071Information on Environmental Planning
072Guidance for Environmental Planners at the University of Tokyo: Selected as a Part of the MOT Program Promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
074Environmental Planner Training Course on Magazine: Japan's Progressing Attempts for "Recycling" -- Kiichiro Hayashi
077Environmental Topic: The Attempt of New Evaluation Standard for Environmental Performance -- Nobuyuki Miyazaki
080Environmetal Topic: Develop the Positive Environmental Aspect -- Yoichi Hatayama
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092Back Issues
094The Credits / From the Editors -- Editors
096Information about WIN

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