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NatureInterface No.19

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.19 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

003Column: Story of Science, Technologies, and the Humans 6) Science and Technology for Ordinary People -- Satoru Ikeuchi
006Opening Interview: Holding onto the Initial Spirit on which School was Founded and Making a New Challenge -- Takeyo Tsukamoto + Kiyoshi Itao
013Special Feature: Science and Technology of Japan and MOT (Management of Technology)
014Expectation of the Succession of Talents Ready for Active Work and Diverse Ability for the Real Education of MOT -- Keiji Tachikawa
017What is the MOT that Suits the Japanese Business Management style, which Focuses on Quality rather then Quantity'? -- Fumikatsu Tokiwa
021For Strengthening Competitive Power and Creating Innovation - Why is MOT Educaition Necessary? -- Toichi Sakata
025Index of Universities and Business Schools where MOT Program is Offered
026Training of Researchers with Science Technology Policy -- Souichi Nagamatsu
030"Translate" Technology into Business: Speculate the Direction of MOT Education by Studying the Difference between Japan and the U.S.A. -- Hiroshi Miyanaga
034Case Study: Accurate Vision for Future Market Needs - How Japanese Word Processor was Born -- Kenichi Mori
038Case Study: What Research is Needed to Write a Strategic Scenario? -- Asako Hoshino
042Will MOT Really be Accepted in Japan? -- Ikuo Nishioka
048Cutting Edge Technologies: "Strongink" with a Long Life and Gloss -- Seiko Epson Corporation
052Thin, Small and the World's First: "Radio Wave Watch in a Full Metal Case" -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
054Cutting Edge Interview: "Human Equivalent Phantoms", which Measures the Influence of Magnetic Wave on Human Body -- Kouichi Ito
058Bridge between Humans and Insect: Commons -- Kenji Kohiyama
062The World of Averaged Face 1) Banker's Face and Wrestler's Face -- Hiroshi Harashima
083Where Does the Spirit Go? 6) Science Policy in Japan -- Kyoji Kobayashi
086Qualia Technica 6) Fusion of Hardware and Software -- Kenichiro Mogi
088Techno-climatology 12) Lighting Up Brings Life to the City: Tokyo Station Building on Marunouchi Side -- Madoka Tainaka
047NI Book Review
065NI Report: Technology Related to Five senses Creates a New Paradigm in Industry - No.1 Kicking-off Seminar for 'Five Sense Industry Forum'
068NI Forum: Student Circle Series 4) Sophia University "ANGELs" -- Yasuhiro Kawara
069Information about Environmental Planning
070Chat room: "Environmental Planner Course": Unlimited Resource of Business Tips and Human Networks
072Newsletter on Environmental Situations in the U.S. 1) The Surrounding Situations for Automobiles in Environmentally an Underdeveloped Country, America -- Uura Masako
074Guidance for Environmental Planners: Concept of LCA - Present Situation and Future Objectives of LCA -- Hisashi Sekiya
077Guidance for Environmental Planners: Environmetal Regulations - Transition of Environmental Laws -- Kenzo Fujisue
080Environmental Topic: "Double-sided" and "Vertically-Installed" Solar Battery -- Hitachi Research Center
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092Back Issues
094The Credits / From the Editors -- Editors
096Information about WIN

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