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NatureInterface No.22

The official magazine of
[The Advanced Institute of Wearable Environment Information Networks(WIN)]

No.22 -- 2,500 yen(+tax)

002Column: Anthropology on Communication 3) "Language" and "Restriction" -- Masayuki Nishie
006Opening Interview: How the Spirit of Venture Business was Developed - Investigate the Wisdom and Power to Survive in Adversity -- Masao Horiba + Kiyoshi Itao
013Special Feature: Mobile Communication
014Towards Ubiquitous and Universal Network Society - How the World will be Changed by Mobile Networks -- Tatsuo Kitoh
018The Future State of Mobile Network Communication -- Toshio Miki
022Mobile Phones Lead the Ubiquitous Society -- Kei Okamoto
026Where Does "Mobile Design" Head to? - Future Designs of Communication Tools -- Hiroshi Kashiwagi
030 Case Study: Mobile Communication Progressed - "MS-MARKS" Realizes the Ubiquitous Environment for Information -- Yoshiko Miyauchi
033Case Study: Situations on Mobiles Phone Abroad -- Mariko Hayashi
041Cutting Edge Technologies: World's First - Development of a 40-inch Organic EL Display -- Seiko Epson Corporation
044Cutting Edge Technologies: Regulated Minute Repeater Watch -- Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
046Bridge between Humans and Insect: Variation -- Kenji Kohiyama
050The World of Averaged Face 4) Movie Star's Face and TV Star'‚“ Face -- Hiroshi Harashima
052Knowing REAL Things by Studying the Old 3) The West in Buddha -- Masao Kurosaki
056Earth Environment Literacy 2) Things Washed into the Shore from the Sea -- Hitoshi Kadowaki
083Where Does the Spirit Go? 9) From the Scene of Administrative Guidance -- Kyoji Kobayashi
086Qualia Technica 9) "Growth Limitation" in IT -- Kenichiro Mogi
088Techno-climatology 15) SUIKINKUTSU, Which Creates Comfortable Sound -- Taizoin, Myoshin-Ji
037NI Human Interview: Holding onto Technology Oriented System to Pursue Quality -- Fumio Urano
060NI Topic: Prospect of Kashiwa City Which Aims to Grow into an International Academic City -- Akira Honda/Hiroyuki Yamato
065NI Book Review
074NI Club
076NI Forum: Visiting NPOs 1) Environmental Network: Bunkyo
078NI Report: Guidance for Digital Wireless Communication -- Masafumi Mori
066Information about Environmental Planning
067Environmental Topic: Lester R. Brown's Energy Policy
068Environmental Planner Training Course Online - Applications Accepted by September 15!
070Guidance for Environmental Planners: Outline of Energy Supply: New Energy System, "Co-Generation" -- Eiji Hihara
090Scraps of Information on the Wearables
092Back Issues
096Information about WIN

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